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Generations Recording Project:





I have always been driven to express myself through music and have long sought a combination of elements that allow me to do so as a solo artist. These include matters of heritage, musical influence and development, identity, dexterity, life experience and of course, musicians with whom I can do this. Finding one’s voice is a long-term process. It took me 52 years to reach that point of putting something on record.







“From the opening notes of solo saxophone, Ginsburg rains gorgeous melodies about our ears… But it is the way this melodic lavishness continues through the improvising that makes the album special, each composition sustaining a distinctive character from beginning to end.” John Shand Sydney Morning Herald


“From his evocative solo saxophone introduction, Mark Ginsburgʼs debut CD takes us on an engrossing musical odyssey, embracing both his cultural heritage and his passion for jazz.  Markʼs care and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this album.  With his warm sound and accessible melodic concepts featured throughout, accompanied by a wonderfully supportive band, this is a recording to treasure.”  Mike Nock, jazz pianist & composer, Sydney, Australia


“This is his first album as a leader and its a very impressive statement… the performances from Ginsburg and his colleagues both convincing and compelling” Adrian Jackson Rhythms Magazine


“In exploring his musical roots Mark Ginsburg has made intriguing discoveries. He has honored those insights here in a fashion that has produced a truly unique and listenable jazz album. This is an historic offering.” Bruce Cassidy, jazz trumpeter, composer & arranger (Blood Sweat & Tears, Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye)


“An important project by Mark, whose continued growth as a saxophonist and composer is clearly evident in his latest recording, wonderfully interpreted by the band. The music takes you to another space outside the jazz mainstream. Jazz is perhaps the first World Music with a long history of embracing different cultures, religions, traditions and races.”  Mike Rossi, jazz saxophonist / Prof. of Music, University of Cape Town


“Mark has with great originality brought together sacred strains from his heritage and life experience. What emerges is a splendid musical whirl that moves, uplifts and entertains. “Generations” is indicative of what is becoming Mark’s own unique jazz footprint.”  Rabbi Gary Robuck, North Shore Temple Emanuel, Sydney


“This album has a sense of dedication both to Jewish tradition and the artistic flair of jazz. It offers a new approach to something ancient. The original Jewish melodies have a twist of freshness and elegance, the wider harmonic landscape allowing for development beyond conventional cantorial improvisational structures.”  Cantor Beny Z. Maissner, Toronto

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